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Screen Dirt Blaster™ - FREE SHIPPING ENDS AT MIDNIGHT! - Stoozhi


Screen Dirt Blaster™ – FREE SHIPPING ENDS AT MIDNIGHT! – Stoozhi


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Do you know that your mobile screen contains abundant germs and bacteria that can cause various skin problems? We understand that it is not possible to clean your screen with water and soap, and therefore, we have come up with equipment that will clean the phone screen without causing any damages.
With the help of the 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner Spray Computer Screen Dust Removal Tool; you can now easily clean your screen. It is one of the most practical and convenient tools that is a must-have and should be with you all the time.
It is very lightweight and you can easily carry it while you are travelling or going on camping. It is completely safe and does not damage the screen. This is a perfect tool to clean all your electronic devices, smartphones etc. The design is quite innovative, has a special cloth, and can spray and wipe your screen in few seconds.
It is super useful to remove all the dirt and decontaminate fingerprints. It makes your screen brand new and saves a lot of your time and effort. This small device can be kept anywhere in your purse, wallet, car etc as it takes minimum space. It also has a fibre flannel that can be washed every time.


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