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New Design Adjustable Toy Rocket Launcher for Kids Teens - Stoozhi


New Design Adjustable Toy Rocket Launcher for Kids Teens – Stoozhi


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 Toy Rocket Launcher for kid, 3 Rockets In A Row Shoots Up to 100 Feet 6 Foam Rockets and Adjustable Sturdy Launcher Stand With Stomp Launch Pad Fun Outdoor Toys Gifts for Boys and Girls


  • Upgraded Toy Rocket Launcher- Different from traditional single toy rocket launcher, the upgraded base can launch three rockets in a row . Durably designed and reliably built to withstand endless hours of jumping, stomping and playtime! 
  • Adjustable Launcher-Launcher can be adjusted to shoot to the side or straight up. Run, jump and stomp the foam rocket into the air! Four-leg bracket makes the launcher more stable.Greatly enhance the fun and competitive nature of toys.
  • Soar Up To 100 Feet-Watch rockets soar up to an incredible 100 feet in the air with the perfect stomp. UWANTME toy rockets are backyard-friendly and parent-approved and won’t shoot so far that kids lose track of them. Have fun in the yard, park or playground!
  • Easy Assembly And Storage-This toy rocket launcher is durable, built-to-last and features a stand that can be detached for easy storage in small spaces. The toy rocket launcher is easy to assemble and 100% kids powered, requires no electricity or batteries. 
  • Outside Play-Keep kids away from screen time and the sofa.This awesome kids toy provides harmless dynamic entertainment that lets kids burn up all that extra energy while having the time of their lives! The set includes six full foam rockets plus a folding stunning red stand.Perfect for a birthday or holiday gift! Encouraging outdoor play and STEM learning while having fun.


Q1:Is this rocket launchers more fun than Stomp Rocket?
I have never bought a Stomp Rocket toy. My kid is having fun with this rocket launchers.

Q2:Can I buy extra rockets separately?
Dear customer, we do not sell extra rocket now, and we will let you know if we sell it in the future.

Q3:Can I play it outdoor?
Of course. Pedal rockets can be played in parks, gardens, beaches, yards and outdoor places.

Q4:How high the rocket laucher toy can launch?
It could shoot up to 100 Feet. But it mainly depends on the power you launch.

Q5:Is the rocket launcher toy suitable as a Christmas gift for kids?
Yes, it is a great gift for 6 7 8 9 year old boys and girls.


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