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Biilaflor 360° Self Rotating Ball Cat Laser Interactive Toy - Stoozhi


Biilaflor 360° Self Rotating Ball Cat Laser Interactive Toy – Stoozhi


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Product Title: Biilaflor Interactive Cat Laser Toy Cat Feather Toy Cat Toy 2 in 1 Automatic 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball USB Rechargeable Electronic Kitten Toy for Cat Exercise and Chasing Hunting
Size: 4.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
Item Weight:9.6 ounces
Manufacturer: Biilaflor
Batteries:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Improve paw-eye coordination:

Billaflor 2 in 1 interactive cat toy can develop your cat visual acuity , increased paw-eye coordination. Improve perception of colors and movement , so strengthen the eye-paw coordination and proprioception of the paws through training with luring.

Good distraction:

The ingenious laser light will keep your cat happy, healthy & distracted. Perfect for giving your cat a fun diversion .Simply point the laser attachment at any flat surface, and place it on the floor near the wall or sofa. Your cat will leap into action at the sight of the red dot, chasing down and tracking it just like prey.

Keep physically fit:

It not only stimulates the animal’s innate hunting skills but also improves intelligence and mental reflexes. Your cat will be able to grow claws and muscles as it chases the laser light beam.

Totally hand free:

This is a concept design of the interactive toys for cat. It is easy to use and funny for your pet. It can be able to attach the toys on the edge of the first floor window or door even when you are not at home. The laser pointer can fire automatically or manually, stimulating the hunting instincts of cats, have fun with your cute cat, waking up mechanism for your cat bring much convenience to you.

Safe & Portable:

Made of eco-friendly ABS material, features automatic cut-off design, sound control design and high precision tracking technology. With compact size and foldable design, you can take it anywhere with you and have fun with your pets at any time!


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