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6 in 1 Eyeshadow Crease Line Kit - Stoozhi


6 in 1 Eyeshadow Crease Line Kit – Stoozhi


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A revolutionary cosmetic tool that will assist all makeup lovers
in creating the ideal cut crease.
If you think applying professional makeup on your face is a challenge, say no more because this will definitely help you achieve a makeup look that will make you look stunning and fabulous!

We want every beauty enthusiasts to be able to bypass the hard procedures of creating the ideal cut crease and get a professional appearance every time in only minutes. Crease Line Kit helps achieve any makeup look everyone wants to have, regardless of skill level.
All eye forms and preferred styles were taken into consideration when creating the Crease Line Kit. Everyone could have the perfect cut crease, regardless of eye shape, preferred style, or ability level.

The tool includes SIX washable and reusable attachments for
generating doe-eyed, almond, and wing effects, all on different
eye shapes!
Discover more ways to apply makeup on your eyes with its replaceable attachments that caters to all eye shapes and does different style of crease makeup!

Step 1: Choose the desired crease shape, then pick the appropriate side for the right or left eye. Insert the spacer into the handle.

Step 2: Hold the Crease Piece gently against the designated eye, placing it on the crease. Start with the darkest color in your palette and apply it over the edge of the Crease Piece, as desired.

Step 3: Once you are finished creating the crease, remove the Crease Piece to reveal the coveted cut crease. Once the crease is done, add color to the eyelid.

Dimensions: 13.5cm x 5cm
Weight: 45g
Package Includes: Handle x1, Round Crease Set ×1, Almond Crease Set ×1, Wing Crease Set×1


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