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The FidgetFly - Gekaaget


The FidgetFly – Gekaaget


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The FidgetFly is the new most ADDICTIVE gadget on the market!

Note: Since we’re going viral on TikTok, We are very low on stock. Please click “add to cart” to get yours before we sell out! 


Feeling bored?

The FidgetFlyer will keep you occupied throughout your downtime, or even when you are busy! Never feel bored again with a gadget to play with, all by yourself, or with others.

Master the art of FidgetFly in minutes

Pick up a new hobby in minutes! Anybody can learn and create new tricks with FidgetFlyer in under 5 minutes. You can do some pretty cool things with the pocket UFO.

Entertain friends and family

Show your friends and family your new tricks. Our product tends to be a great party trick. Just whip it out of your pocket and show off your cool new gadget.

Play catch with friends

Never get bored when you are with friends. You can toss around the FidgetFly so graciously to somebody else and have a fun game of catch. Just don’t play fetch with your dog… they might eat it.

Always feel safe when using the FIdgetFly

FidgetFly is designed with enclosed protection around the fan motors. Never worry about harming yourself or others around you, and don’t worry about cutting through objects around you in the mastering process, FidgetFlyer is meant to have fun.

*Note: Charger included in the package


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