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Comfy Y-Back Posture Corrector - Gekaaget


Comfy Y-Back Posture Corrector – Gekaaget


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Get back your healthy & pain-free life!!
Our Comfy Y-Back Posture Corrector ensures to improve your body’s alignment and achieve better posture. It relives all types of back pains and offers shoulder support while improving bad body posture.
Unlike regular posture correctors that are very rigid and restrict arms movement by forcing you into one position, our back corrector with adjustable Y-Back design forcustomized fit and extra support, it allows completely free movement. Wearing our back straightener helps develop long-term muscle memory for holding your back straight.
Besides the ergonomics design, it is made of strong yet lightweight, breathable material with a cutting-edge front loading design means you will stay fresh and cool all day while promoting proper posture.
  • Ultimate Posture Correction: 
    Promotes long-term muscle memory and straighten up your back and shoulder to preserve their correct position automatically, relieving and preventing neck or shoulder pain, backache, osteoporosis, spine kyphosis, sagging shoulders, and slack. 
  • Improve Health & Well-Being:
    It is crucial to straightening your back. Do not let poor posture and bad habits affect the deformation of the spine, so that pulling the ligament in the front of the chest affects the respiratory function.
  • Ergonomic Y-Back Design:
    The unique Y-Back design for a customized fit and extra support. The ergonomic 8-shaped lifting design is in good fixing effect, not easy to shift, and allows completely free movement.
  • Highly Flexible & Adjustable:
    Features comfy and open shoulder strap design, you can wear it as easy as wearing a backpack, two adjustable velcro straps allow you to put it on and take it off by yourself. Comes with 5 sizes for all ages and body sizes, for men, women, adults, and kids to improve bad posture.  
  • Breathable & Comfy:
    Made of strong yet lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material with a cutting-edge front loading design means you will stay fresh and cool all day while promoting proper posture.
  • Invisible Under Clothing:
    Built for all-day wearing, the discreet design isn’t noticeable under clothes, so you can put it on under your shirt or blouse without worrying about people noticing it.


  1. Put on the posture corrector to your back just like wearing clothes.
  2. Tighten straps and stick the straps on Velcro.
  3. Attach the straps to the padding and adjust until you can feel a resistance to slouching.

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Black
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL


  • 1pc x Comfy Y-Back Posture Corrector


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