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Smart Auto Slim Waist Hoop (Adjustable) - FluffyBerry


Smart Auto Slim Waist Hoop (Adjustable) – FluffyBerry


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Did you know you can trim your waist with only 10 mins workout a day? Well, with our Smart Auto Slim Waist Hoop, you can easily achieve that waistline you have always wanted. The equipment is very simple to use and gives you results within days of exercise.


Using this hoop promotes the building of actual muscle tissue inside your waistline. As you continue to slim, you can adjust it to fit your current waistline measurement so you will not have to purchase a new one after every milestone. It is a great way for effective physical exercise.


  • Auto Spinning Function     

With its centrifugal ball’s help, you can now do your daily hula hoop exercises without exerting a ton of energy and time.   The ball provides a bit of force to the hoop when hooping — giving you that “effortless” workout dream.

  • Adjustable Size and Detachable Sections      

Can be adjusted differently according to the waist’s size from 23” to 41”. The sections are very easy to snap together and take apart, easy to store, and saves space.

  • Consumption of Fat

The hula hoop also has an intelligent counting function, which can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue

  • Magnetic Ring and Locking Buckle

The magnetic ring has the function of magnetic massage and which helps to massage the waist while exercising. The hoop has a locking buckle for easy removal and installation. 

  • Safe Material Used     

Made of safe and comfortable extra-thick form padding and waist belt. Prevents injuries and keeps the perfect body balance.

  • Easy to Use and Assemble    

To build this gear, simply lock the parts to each other along with the LCD screen. Then slide the centrifugal ball on the outer side, and fix the support pad on the inner side. The balanced weight makes it easy for anyone. 

While you target that abs, you will appreciate the quality in your construction and extra padded comfort you just won’t find anywhere else. Better still, it’s easily assembled and easy to use.

  • Burn Calories           

Burn up to 403 calories an hour while exercising with Hula Hoop. Your sweat session might sizzle more calories beyond what you think. Throw on some music and let your inner child lead you to a healthier and happier you.

  • Stand up Straight    

Working out with this hoop can give you a great posture. Forget the boring core workouts, and enjoy a better way to tone up with our fitness gear.    

  • Built-in Auto Counter     

Our Smart auto counting equipment is accurate for recording the number of times you exercise. You don’t need to count as your exercise. It helps you track your fitness progress. It comes with a built-in smart counter that calculates and stores data of your exercises.

  • Wide Application    

Suitable for various health purposes such as fitness workouts, sports, and treatment. Use this auto-rotating hula hoop to make you slim.

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Purple/ Pink/ Blue
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 1x Smart Auto Slim Waist Hoop (24 sections)


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