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Multifunctional Eye Mask – FluffyBerry


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Light can be an intrusive thing on your eyes especially when you want to sleep or have some rest. Now the Multifunctional Eye Mask offers you the perfect solution to effectively block out the light and ensure you can enjoy private time with no distractions. It is perfect when you want a quiet time or moments for deep solitude. It’s also excellent when you want to meditate or contemplate a deep focus. This mask comes with creative features to ensure that you are comfortable with no hassles to your relaxation. This mask also helps you to reduce pressure on your eyes thus preventing eye puffiness, black eyes for puffiness.  It’s a favorite for those going on travels or if you want to enjoy some sleep on the plane.

Giving you unmatched light block

This is your way to get an unsurpassed ability to relax and focus when you need little distractions. This mask is designed with internal contours to make sure your eyes and facial features are well fitted to it. With highly elastic straps, you can adjust the mask to perfectly fit you. It ensures it fits snugly so that your ears and other parts of your face are reasonably comfortable. It also has a part that functions as a pillow for you to rest your head and neck. It’s resilient, tough, and yet soft enough to give your head and neck the gentle support they need for maximum comfort.


  • Relieves eye fatigue

It is great in relieving the strain on your eyes and sparing light glare when it seems too harsh or intrusive. This can enhance the health of your eyes and give them a chance to rest and recover. The effect also saves you from headaches and migraines.

  • Flexible and durable

It gives maximum comfort and space, it gives enough room for your eyes and eyelids so that you won’t feel cramped. Also, It also features memory foam that will give you great comfort at night through ts Buble effect.,

  • Great gift for loved ones

You can bring an unforgettable thrill to your treasured loved ones. So you can make a special gift of the mask to a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend and they will cherish the moment. 

  • Portable for easy travel

You can easily carry the goggles with you for any outdoor occasions. It is quite compact and can be made to fit easily in your luggage. This makes it superb for travel or other occasions such as used in the office, camping  or hotel, 

  • Soft Lightweight with breathable quality 

It’s made of cotton material and foam grain that maximizes your comfort it is also designed to  give a good breathability room 

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 23 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 135 g
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x  Multifunctional Eye Mask


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