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2 Stroke 3.5HP Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Boat Engine w/Air Cooling System - BroadwayTendency


2 Stroke 3.5HP Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Boat Engine w/Air Cooling System – BroadwayTendency


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Light outboard machine outside hang up fishing boat propeller propeller gasoline-powered Marine motor inflatable boats canoeing



  • Features 360 degree steering rotation for reverse without gear shifting
  • Start-In-Gear protection/clutch feature prohibits prop rotation while idling
  • Lift/Tilt feature for shallow water operation and convenience
  • Standard CDI ignition system for easy starting and improved performance
  • Vertical mount engine design for increased power, performance and durability
  • Superior carbonation system with primer bulb for increased efficiency
  • Twist grip throttle handle and engine stop button for improved response
  • Superior outboard anti corrosion system and anodes for increased durability
  • Durable cast aluminum construction for superior corrosion protection
  • Heavy duty lightweight aluminum cast propeller is standard equipment


Easy to Use】: The 4-stroke outboard engine is very convenient to operate.

【High performance, Reliable Quality】This product allows you to drive more safely and travel more securely. The material of this product is more corrosion-resistant, more beautiful, more durable, more energy-saving, and more environmentally friendly. ANBULL is committed to ensuring the comfort of the product while keeping the appearance of the product fashionable. The red body of this product is very fashionable. This product is suitable for: fresh water and salt water

【Advanced Air Cooling System】: This outboard motor is equipped with an engine air-cooling system, so that you will not feel too hot while fishing on the boat all day, allowing you to have a comfortable fishing holiday.

【Performance and Application】: Our 4-HP 4-Stroke outboard motor provides a perfect balance of power and efficiency. It is light in weight and compact in design. It is the most versatile ship in inflatable boats, fishing boats, sailing boats and small yachts.

How to Start the Engine? Start steps are as follows:

1. Insert the emergency flameout insert into the flameout switch slot

2. Insert the oil-import plug which is on the fuel oil pipe into the fuel tank socket

3. Insert the oil-export plug into the tubing socket of the base of the outboard motor

4. Contrarotate the ventilation screws on the tank cover

5. Push the hand pump several times,till it is full of fuel oil and the hand pump gets hard

6. Move the shift lever to the “Neutral” position

7. Turn the throttle handle to the “Start” position,that is the start mark on the handle is aligned with with the arm mark

8. When the engine is cooled off, pull out the choke lever to increase the concentration of combustible gas mixture concentration, make the engine easier to start

9. Pull the start handle,when the claw of the starter is joggled with the flywheel disk, pull out the start rope quickly to start the engine

10. After the engine starts,let the engine run slowly 2 to 3 minutes to preheat the engine,then push the choke lever to the initial position

11. After the engine starts,please check whether the cooling water outflows stably or not,if there is no water or the water outflows intermittently,please close the engine and check it

12. When sailing,please hung the extinction rope on the wrist or belt to ensure safe sailing


NOTE: Add gasoline and engine oil to the box accordingly. (a box to add gasoline and a box to add engine oil) Don’t mix the gasoline with engine oil.


Must Read before use

  1. Fill the gear oil (open gear box lid and fill it).
  2. Fill NO. 92 petrol, lightly press oil pump 6-10 times.
  3. Fill engine oil don’t exceed the head of the pattern.
  4. turn the throttle to the start up and turn the accelerator gets up to 50%.
  5. Rapidly pull the starter line.
  6. After the motor start ,please turn the throttle to running state.
  7. It can be operated now. please remember to replace the gear oil after the run-in period(10 hours).




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